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Get support and answers to frequently asked questions about SRVU for both end users and service providers & vendors. 


SERVU gets you the fastest emergency services without all the fuss. A handyman at your door is only a click away.

SRVU is a fast, affordable one of a kind app that connects users with top-rated field technicians in their area for fast, reliable local service.

Electricians, locksmiths, tow services, HVAC, plumbers, computer repair, chimney cleaners, roofers, gardeners and more!

No! SRVU is a completely free platform for service providers and individual services are booked as needed by users. 

SRVU offers a completely cashless transaction between the user and service provider, directly through the app. 


Pool Service

On demand cleaning or pump services.



On demand locksmith and key services.


Tow Service

On demand tow truck services to your location.


Car Wash

On demand mobile car wash service.


Got a question about SRVU? We’re here to help. 

Sign Up as a Service Provider

Add your services, categories, pricing and drivers and you’re on the road! Your service vehicles are tracked in real time on the SRVU map and the app will signal yourtechnicians closest to customer requests.

How it Works

There are many roadblocks in the home, tech and utility service industries including scheduling, logistics, contractor reliability and trustworthiness. We’re here to change all that. 

Fast and Easy

Emergency services without all the fuss. A handyman at your door is only a click away.


Some of the best prices from quick, high quality, local technicians. 


Check ratings of the handyman before requesting a job, and rate them after yours is completed.

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